Why choose Dan's studio for your Apps? 

Three important things I can do for you:

1. Develop your App with my wealth of experience as a Mobile apps developer:
Allow my experience ( 9 yrs+) to become part of your success story.

2. Jazz up your App with sound effects and music:  
As an organizer and leader of a local band in Vancouver, I can play different musical instruments, and I used to perform at live shows regularly in casinos and pubs. 

3. Give your App a creative and artistic edge:

I have an artistic flair, and had won 1st place in the Plein Air Art Competition. Besides fine hand-drawing.

Start Creating A Marketable App Today

There are four fundamental elements of an attractive app: Coding, Sound effects / Music, Graphics  and of course, your brilliant idea that is just waiting to be born.

Being a  professional mobile application developer, I will take care of these key aspects: Coding, Sound effects/ Music, and Graphics.  

Add your idea into the equation, and... soon you'll see your App in the online App store

Simply email me for a no-obligation quote or to arrange for a free consultation. 

Email: Dan@dansstudio.ca